Visual Programming using DPL

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Visual Programming is a little bit easier for programmers to do. Most of case, textual programming is commonly used by programmers by using CSS and Html and Php. By its name, it is understood what it means, it is the use of graphic languages in order to design a software app. The use of textual codes will be eliminated.

If the software is finished, then the visual effect and the graphic effect will be seen. For example, the word  bird in a software uses a textual program but using the image of a bird in the element of  a software uses visual programming. How to use Delphi in Visual Programming?

Programming Language applications uses VLC application form when making a software.

—Open the VLC application form and there you will see the form where you will be putting your stuffs using languages. Let us say you are going to program the color of a background.

—Open the standard library option and then choose the ‘button’ from the list. Add it to the form by just dragging and then there you will see it in the form.

—Edit the component name.  As you see, the name is button but you will make an Add on which you will name it as btn plus the color of the background as green.

—The object inspector shall be found but there should be the CnPack installed in the computer. You will see the name of the property button green. Go to caption and there you will find the name as button green. Remove the btn and click it, then the editor will just pop out from the form.

—Click the begin and change the form color by typing form2.Color and cl green and then add it to the compiler. This is the beginning of the using DPL.