Why be a Programmer?

A programmer think of economic security. Nowadays people think of how to survive in the economic world. There are so many jobs that can be taken in the world but since the world has become so advance and they look at nowhere except the internet and people use the programs uploaded in the internet and of course, all the money goes to you.

Freelancing activity is one of the most important reasons why a programmer can be one. Of course, everyone wants to become a free person. Well, in programming you do not have to move and fly to another place just to earn a bug money. This is really very amazing because you are sure that you can just reserve e time for something or someone very special and as in you can save your time and effort while earning a big salary.

Integration and Competition can give that kind of motivation in learning  more advanced skills. Of course in the world, there is what we call competition but what is so fun about is that people are improving the skills and that have been revealed and accomplish a better one after a new invention comes out. Programming is the same in competition, people also do their best in order to create a better software or a program for competition.

Helping people in building up their careers and finding what they have to do in their life since they also are finding their own happiness. The software would help other find what they are looking for and this may help them in study.